So, yeah I don't update anymore... not like that many people read. Anyway, got a new air filter for my truck today, runs a lot better now... I didn't realize how fucked up the other one was in just shy of a year's time. However, I noticed something very very very depressing... there are now 50 million new rust spots in the bed of my truck and one place where there is a brand new hole... you know what has done it? The god damn birds and their shit/piss combination. I realized the entire bed is plastered in bird shit. That bed is going to be beyond all repair before summer is over... and as tacky as it sounds, and how bad it is for the value of the truck and its clasic-ness, I am more than likely going to have a bed liner put down. Of course I'll have to patch the few holes, so they can spray (yes I'm going spray on, even worse for the trucks value) the liner down. It'll ruin any chance of re-selling it as a classic, but you know... sometimes shit has to hapen. Somehow I'll get it to work with the look of the truck when I rod it out. If ever do that is, everday I realize what I once saw as a gem is turning into a pile of crap as I notice more rust spots. Its discouraging because I know jack shit about body-repair, and despite my attempts to save up for another vehicle that I can drive daily so I can start work on the truck... something always comes up and causes the car fund to nearly cease to exist. I just don't know anymore, I need to say to hell with it, put a spray on liner it it... save almost every damn dime I can untill next february or march, and just buy a new, not a used-new, but a manufacuter-new vehicle. This is just the icing on the bitter cake of life. I also still can't find anyone to spend my time with as either a friend or more, work says I'm full time but this week and next they are working me very little (10 hous this week, only 20 next). I just don't know. I don't know at all.
Depressfully Yours,