Ok... my lowes checks are going to be on average 475$ more than my best buy checks... which means ryan can finally start working on his truck and also possibly buy this 40 ford he has his eye on. It also means he can ahead some. Plus lowes is cool... all the people in my department are in 6heir 60's and 70's and act like they are 15 so its fun. Plus the 9 hours I"m there every day (8 housr of work and an hour lunch break, and I only live a block away so I can come home for lunch) go by incredibly fast... sure I sweat an awful lot and come home stinking to high heaven, (they also make sure you take both of your 15 minute breaks unlike best buy saying shit like "oh you don't need a break") but I'm getting 640 before tax every check apposed to 165ish after tax every check. my first check is only gonna be like 300ish before tax becasue there will only be one week on it... but that 1 week of works pay is equal to nearly 4 best buy weeks of pay.