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One's patience should be strengthened by thinking: "Those who have no patience are afflicted in this world and do actions that lead to affliction in the next life." One should think: "Although this suffering arises because of the wrong deeds of others, my body is the field for that suffering, and the actions which brought it into being are mine." One should think: "This suffering will free me from the debt of kamma." One should think: "If there were no wrongdoers, how could I bring patience to perfection?" One should think: "Although he is a wrongdoer now, in the past he may have been my benefactor." One should think: "A wrongdoer is at the same time a benefactor because through him patience can be practised." One should think: "All beings are like my own children and who would get angry over the misdeeds of one's own children?" One should think: "He does me wrong because of some fault in myself, I should strive to remove this."