Just got home.

Just got home from seeing Eric before he leaves for Iraq... It was nice to see him, Laura, Justin, Cassie, and Mikey... however Carie was there to (as most people know she hates me and I don't care much for her) thankfully she didn't stay but like 15 minutes... Seeing everyone woulda been much nicer if they weren't the immature fools they all tend to be sometimes... spitting at each other in a restaraunt, setting stuff on fire, destroying silverware... blurting out profanities around children... I just noticed some of Laura's scent rubbed off on me... She always has these interesting scents that are pleasant and mysterious... Of course I was myself at the Hut... very anti-social, staring off into space... oh yeah... and yvo was there... like I really wanted to see her, but oh well... we just don't speak or look at each other and its all peachy. Oh and, DAMN YOU LAURA I'm going to be smelling you all night and I'ma get all sad and depressed cause I miss hanigng out with you... oh... yeah... and because of that very very extreme infatuation I have with you.
Eric... be well in Iraq... we'll see you in a year or so :)