look what...

Look what I came across today...

"The Breakup
We had a beautiful relationship; we shared a beautiful thing
We fell head over heals in love with each other
But now the time has come that we broke apart
Over a stupid imature fight; the day you brokd my heart
I have my new born wishes now
I wish that my breath would stop
end the entering and exiting of my lungs
I wish that my heart would stop
pumping the blood throughout my body
It is too broken to have the duty to keep me alive
I pity those who are alone by the choice driven with fear
For those people shall never learn What the emotion of love feels like
Expecially in the arms of your loved one.
I want you back, my secret boyfriend
I want to hold you in my arms again
I want us to have the special thing in which we had
All I have left to say; is three simple words
Ryan, I love you
Madison Renae Zoller"
Also found this
"My Loss of You
It hurts to be around you.
But I don't want to leave.
My grip is too tight to let go.
We made a beautiful couple,
a perfect pair,
but it was thrown away by you.
My eyes are like endless rain.
They are always crying for my heart's loss.
It hurts too much for me to much longer bare.
I will never give up.
Somewhere in your heart you miss me.
Why did you listen to you friends?
Why can't you tell me the truth?
You act like you still care.
Always by your side;
I want to be there.
I will always love you.
Madison Renae Zoller"