I bet..

I bet the many companies that turned down Mel Gibson when he was looking for someone to distribute 'Passion' wouldn't have turned him down... he financed the film entirely on his own, spending well over 25 million dollars to do so... then for over a year he looked for a company to release and distribute it but time and time again they turned him down... now after being in theaters only 19 days, it has made 264million in the U.S. and Canda. What I find impressive is that not a scrap of the film is in English... which makes it one of the largest grossing (in the U.S. and Canada) foreign films ever... it might even just out-do Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon before its over with (I'm fairly sure it will). Look though... here again christians raking in mountains of cash over the death of their "savior". Just goes to show that Christianity is about as bad as capitalism... all they care about is money... now maybe if the profits from this movie went to some humanitarian efforts I wouldn't mind... but no... It'll mainly go into Mel's pockets... as he didn't buy a script from anyone, he took it from the bible, so he has no royalties to pay there... only the actors cut. *shakes his head in disgust*
-The Wolf