Hrmm... my truck.

So... I was looking at prices and what not... and I'll be able to get front coils, rear coils, and all four shocks to lower it for 350$. I can chose from 1", 2", 3" drop for the froint coils (remember the front is alreayd about 3 inches lower than the back), and 2", 3", 4", or 5" drop for the rear... just gotta go out with a tape measure and measure and see what I'm going to like the best... *nods* And a proper tach conversion kit... is gonna be 300$... it'll make it look like the truck came factory with a tach... has the replica panel, and a reproduction tach so it'll look authentic... *nods* that will be a later add on... first thing I have to do is paint it... then add my red neon under the hood and my exhaust flames... then lower it... then put my diamond steel plate down in the bed... then the tach conversion kit... *nods* So I should have it all done by... september... yay