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What does the 21st Century hold for Western man, the Caucasians, those of European descent, those who for ten centuries have been masters of the world, architects and builders of the most magnificent civilisation the world has ever known?
In particular, what do the coming decades hold for the United States, home of a lately good and great nation, now it seems intent on civilisational suicide? And, in the process, threatening to bring all of Western civilisation crashing down with it. That, of course, is not the message you read in our corrupt and incoherent media.
For them, this shipwreck of Western culture is not important enough to push the trivia of flattery, sensation and scandal off the front pages. Yet the reality is that the foundations and structures of our incomparable European culture, with its towering achievements in the arts, music, literature, architecture, the genius of its species transforming science, medicine and technology, are today steadily disintegrating and de-structing.
If rescue is possible, then everything depends on the American majority: on European America. I would like to be optimistic about the future of America. But civilisations, even the most spectacular, fade and die. Nor does the US (so recently the most prosperous, the most impregnable power in history, but now sleepwalking to apocalypse) enjoy any privileged immunity to the natural cycle.
Two thousand years ago Rome's wealth, reach and military strength staggered the imagination of the ancient world. The Romans of the founding Republic were an austere, strictly moral and honourable people, a great people who prided themselves on their free institutions and their republican government. A long series of wars, internal conflicts and moral degeneration, together with the stupidity, recklessness and treachery of many of its leaders, undermined and destroyed that early grandeur.
Modern America and Ancient Rome share many disturbing similarities. A general comparison between the US of today and the old Roman Empire is both valid and useful.
Edward Gibbon said that the Romans ordained their own fall. And so it was.
Their leadership gradually degenerated morally and spiritually. They became despots. The economy was in constant upheaval. Since Rome had gone off the gold and silver standard, the currency was unstable and constantly being devalued. Though heavily in debt, Roman leaders engaged in prodigal spending, much of it on unearned bread and circuses, plus gigantic stocks of armaments. All this was countered by punishing taxation, which finally killed off the work ethic and destroyed agriculture.
Moral laxity, greed and fear swept the land, as crimes of every category increased at a rapid pace. The faith and disciplines of the early Romans were dissipated and disappeared. Free speech and religion became criminal acts against the state.
Socially, Rome suffered an epidemic of divorce and abortion. An extraordinarily powerful "women's rights" movement developed, with females seeking to emulate and outdo men in every sphere. The women resented marriage and child-bearing, resorting to abortion on a grand scale. A mounting craze for pleasure accompanied increasing violence and brutality both in entertainment and sport.
Military adventures against outside "enemies," straw soldiers, further zapped the national morale - a colossal failure to realise that the real enemies lay within the empire itself, in the spiritual decay of its people. Pride and honour lapsed into cynicism and debauchery.
Nearly 40 years before the birth of Christ, the Roman orator Cicero offered this sage advice: "The budget should be balanced; public debt reduced; the arrogance of officialdom tempered and controlled, the assistance to foreign lands curtailed, lest Rome fall." The Romans ignored that advice. And guess what? The great Roman Empire crumbled and expired.
By 476 AD, the Roman Empire had vanished from Western Europe, "an event still felt by the nations of the earth." Now we'll paraphrase Shaw's quip: "Rome fell, Babylon fell. America's turn will come."
America's founders, essentially Anglo-Saxon, serious, honourable and God-fearing men, took the wonders of Western civilisation to the New World: and in turn set in place a dynamic, amazingly innovative and inventive civilisation of their own. American power peaked during and for a few decades after WW2. What have modern Americans done with their astounding inheritance?
Over the past 30 years, and particularly since 1990, they have allowed many of their deepest roots to wither, rot and die. US politicians, the media and many in the "liberal" churches have allowed and even promoted the casting adrift of the values, traditions and behaviour that fostered America.
The signs pointing to US decline and cultural sickness have long been evident. America today, as James Reston once wrote, is "over-populated, under-civilised, divided, corrupted and bewildered, destitute of faith and terrified of scepticism. War, crime, pollution, racial tensions, moral anarchy and political pessimism are the consequence."
Entertainment, literature, films, TV and the like have become the domain of the degenerate. The rock culture, the very quintessence of decadence, the very negation of musical culture, has become one of America's greatest and most profitable export products. Listen, if you can bear it, to the popular music of the people. Witness, if you can bear it, the mindless re-enactment of the sex act hourly on TV.
The litany of problems goes on. Most Americans, including Christians, seem barely to have noticed or comprehend how wholesale social engineering has transformed their country into a post-Christian land of shabby immorality.
That collapse is not merely a change of political opinion, but is what historians and sociologists term a "paradigm shift," a major alteration in the basic assumptions about social, moral and political life. What is especially disturbing is that the fateful decline seen in the US is reaching back into Britain and Europe, the lands of their ancestors, and even beyond.
The conditions that breed social and political anarchy are growing on every continent, because belief in principle and a healthy moral order in human affairs is vanishing, just as it did in Rome.
In the US, the scarcity of virtue, the eclipse of principle, of ethics, of honesty, is now near total. The violent and ongoing US sex war - the breakdown of marriage, genocide by abortion, militant feminism, "gay rights," "children's rights." - all violate all the traditional rules of human conduct, rebel against everything sane, logical, lawful. The spectacle of a President whose sexual perversions are outdone only by his mendacity is reminiscent of the grosser exhibitions of general depravity of ancient Rome.
The tattered reality of the US today makes one wonder: How did this wonderful, glittering dream go so wrong? To their eternal shame, "liberal" judges of the US Supreme Court must be»r much of the blame. In 1973, the Court became the vanguard of anrJ-Christi»n action, then still a relatively weak political force.
Since then, the Court has struck down laws aiding religious schools, laws applying to school prayer, laws forbidding pornography or obscenity, laws banning the sale of contraceptives to minors. It's most indefensible decision of all concerned the laws protecting unborn children from abortion, particularly late abortion which technically is not abortion at all, but infanticide.
These terrible outrages to public morality have hugely sabotaged the national social, cultural, moral and political underpinnings, yet have slipped into place with remarkably little political protest.
Core values are undermined by social indiscipline, the break up of the family, the severing of parental rights, the retreat of the churches, by crime, drugs, the vast and growing underclass, low private savings and a huge public debt, the latter now standing at a mind-boggling US$5,7 trillion, an ominous recurrence of just what Cicero warned of 20 centuries ago.
There are crises in the arts, in ethics, laws, in government theory, in medicine and, above all, in education. In all of these fields we see deterioration and degeneration. Foolishness has relentlessly driven out seriousness. Serious matters go undebated. The disillusionment with politics runs deep.
Yet perhaps the greatest threat of all to the US future is what appears to be a fixed and conscious political decision that America should join the Third World. The US Constitution grants Congress powers "to repel invasions." But for more than 30 years now the US has been invaded by countless hordes of illegal immigrants, used by a new political revolutionary movement to restructure everything about the country.
Effectively, the US today is in the grip of an ethnic revolution. Great cities have been laid waste as the unrelenting hordes of immigrants, legal and illegal, move in. Millions of White Americans have fled to other states, often to the Mid West, to escape the ever-encroaching battalions of dark-skinned aliens.
This catastrophe dates back to the mid Sixties, with the "reform" of the immigration laws: legislation which succeeded in shifting immigration from the early "mother" countries of Europe to Asia, Latin America, Haiti and the Caribbean. The impact has been shattering.
Many centuries ago the great Chinese military strategist, Sun Tzu, wrote in his famous, The Art of War: "To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence." Von der Golt said much the same: "In a battle it isn't a question of annihilating the enemy combatant, but of annihilating his courage."
That is the story of what has happened in the US. European Americans have been steadily dispossessed, to the point where sometime in the first few decades of the 21st Century they will become a minority in their own country. The American people were never told what they were really getting when they supported the long series of wars for "democracy," "reforms," "civil rights" and other measures in the name of compassion and equality. But there they are.
Can there be a fixed plan behind all this? Paul Johnson has written: "Mass migration is perhaps the most useful instrument by which the very idea of nationality can be liquidated ... and this fits in well with the forces of economic and political globalism."
Interestingly, key supporters of unrestricted Third1 World immigration include Clinton, Jack Kemp and Ted Kennedy, all New World Order enthusiasts. Not only do they welcome the invading hordes, but seem only too glad to worsen the slide by supporting the "Let-'em-All-In" movement.
They and others like them, seem actually to prefer Haitian, Jamaican, Guatemalan and Mexican illegals to their own countrymen. The direct result? America is rapidly being transformed from a "melting pot" to a boiling pot. What makes American leaders rate themselves above God, one might ask?
The prestigious Rand Corporation think tank has recently reversed an earlier decision that immigrants brought benefit to the US. In a new study undertaken in California, it found that immigrants depress wages and that "the majority of immigrants are poorly educated and have low English proficiency."
The Wall Street Journal commented that many of the Hispanics are "poorly educated, unskilled labourers fleeing the economic misery of their own countries." It added: "The US surely has more than enough native-born people who are poorly educated and unskilled. That cohort of our population does not need to grow."
Other influences may be at work. In 1921, Lenin set out that "the only obstruction to the communist conquest of the world was the Anglo-Saxon race." That dictum thereafter became a cardinal tenet of Marxist/Leninism. In 1928, the Soviet Communist Party decided that the issue of race should be used as a tool to destroy both Western civilisation and Western White communities. Seems both the Marxists and the New World Order pursue similar strategies in their attempted (and so far very successful) subversion of the West.
Naturally, efforts to impose checks and balances on the Third World invasion of the US (and elsewhere) are dismissed as "racist." It is clear that the necessary measures for self-protection will never be engaged as long as US political policies remain in thrall to liberals, the socialist left and to the globalists.
Clinton epitomises all that is wrong with America. The most scandalous, corrupt, treacherous and discredited president the country has ever suffered, he is America's Caligula. Though posing as a Christian, Clinton is a mortal enemy of the US Constitution, of Christianity and of the Western way of life. More than ever before, under his administration, step by creeping step the US is becoming a socialist, collectivist state. As evidenced by his willingness to abuse his powers with gangland tactics, by launching offensive wars without the approval of Congress, Clinton himself is increasingly acting as a virtual dictator.
Perhaps his greatest crime is that he has sold out US interests in favour of the globalist elite, has allowed these elitists to usurp the functions of Congress, has actively engaged in the conspiracy for global control. Because of his subordination of the US national interest to the New World Order, to the UN, NATO, the IMF, NAFTA, the World Trade Organisation and many more, America's legitimacy as an independent nation is now seriously in doubt.
Seen against that, the onward march of the globalist machine would appear irresistible. In fact, it is irresistible only as far as it is not resisted. One should remember Russia, 1917. Bolshevik leaders later often expressed astonishment at not having encountered greater resistance. Lenin subsequently remarked: "Had we been faced with one thousand determined men at St Petersburg in October, 1917, we should have been able to do nothing." In much the same way, the SA Communist Party expressed amazement at the lack of challenge they encountered from obsequious National Party negotiators at Kempton Park.
SUMMING UP: Does the US have one thousand such determined men? If so, they could well change the whole architecture of the 21st Century. Using Western genius and the knowledge science has given us, we could carry our people and all humanity to greater heights than ever dreamed of.
Alternatively, we can continue with Clinton, Blair, Schroeder and such like, and proceed to debase the human race, ensuring that all except the globalists are bereft of the benefits Western civilisation could confer on them. Unfortunately, as has already happened in South Africa, American Whites seem also to have been stripped of any sense of their own right to survival.
So, again the question: Can we yet escape? To avoid annihilation, the West needs a momentous change of heart, a recovery of reason and common sense, reinforced by intelligence, courage and determination: above all, a return to spiritual values. SA Whites missed out on all that. Let's hope American Whites and men of goodwill do better.
Everything hangs on the fate of the American majority. Should America fall, like Rome before it, it will be Amen Corner. There will be no revival, not for America, not for the West, not for the White man or those who believe in him: and, finally not even for those Black men who have so tainted Western civilisation.
Failure would mean that the world threatens once again to step into a New Dark Age, from which it conceivably would never recover. To those who say that is impossible, that it "can't happen," all we say is: "Show us that it can't," or prepare for the worst.
Told you it was long.
-The Wolf