I need.

I need one willing person to go dumpster diving with me... we'll only be in clean dumpsters... dumpsters that don't contain food... my biggest places I want to hit are compusa circuit city and best buy. *nods* also I am proud to announce that I am now available as a service to get things off of ebay. Soon I will also start selling things for people. On purchases I will charge a 3$ fee that I will add to the total cost of shipping and your total winning bid. Simply to cover my checking expenses. You go through me and pay the extra 3$ you will get your stuff much quicker because I will be able to pay instantly for you. When I begin selling in 2 weeks... I will take 5% of your total profit after shipping. You can't think of that as to bad, for I"ll list the auction and advertise it. If anyone is interested you know how to get a hold of me somehow. *nods* For items that don't sell I will charge a 1$ fee (that covers the ebay listing fees)