This is bullshit

This is fucking bullshit... I paid 2grand for my car... put 1000 worth of repair into it... and now they are totaling it and said the max I'll get is 1000 because "the fuel lines are all destroyed, the fuel pump is shot and there are lots of other wear and tear on it" thats fucking bullshit... none of that shit is true. now mom is saying she's not giving me a penny of it that she's using it for bills.. and is being a bitch saying it smy fault it got hit anyway... HOW THE FUCK IS IT MY FAULT YOU LOCKED YOURSELF OUT AND PARKED IN MY SPOT!?!?! I fuckin give up... I simply fucking give up. I have a place to live for 4 more days... no car... no onthing... so I don't even have anythign to cling on with and try with.