Scott Patrick

To the coward driver who shot and killed Trooper Scott Patrick... you coward piece of shit... shooting a state police officer to death because he stopped to help you because your vehicle was disabled/stranded and he just wanted to help you out. When your wounds heal from the bullets you recieved right back at you, I hope you aren't given the death penalty, but given life in prison... so you can spend the rest of your life rotting away, never tasting freedom again for as long as you shall live.
To Scott Patrick's family, I am terribly sorry for your loss, it is not easy for any of us to lose a Brother or Sister to some heartless criminal.
To my father, Mark Mercer, Dad... welcome Scott into heaven you reach out to him and I shall reach out to his family. May he find all of his fellow fallen troopers in heaven. And Merry Christmas, this makes 6 Christmases without you now.