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I feel bad, I asked mom to get me a new electric shaver for christmas... but I asked her thi slike 3 months before christmas... so I started to grow a beard and thought... ahh I'll give it a go... so I let it grow... come christmas one of my few presents is the new braun self cleaning razor (like 140$) and 2 cleaning refill kits (10$ each, 2 months supply each)... now she wants me to use it once to make sure it works and keep it till I "grow out of wanting a beard" which I don't think is going to happen... I've got a good inch of beard and I like it... so I dunno if I take it back... or if I hang on to it... but really it all depends on where I get a job in the next week and their policy on facial hair. A lot of the places I want to work won't even allow sideburns, facial hair, piercings on men... so I dunno... have any input?