Night school..

Well Night School (or the proper term, Adult Evening Classes) is ok... its getting better every day. Um... yeah I need to leave for class in about 20 minutes or so... joy... first class is ok... (government, the teacher is hilarious and really cool) second class sucks horribly... its tech systems... which gee... I've taken the class about 10 times... its just been a different name everytime... and of course we are in uncomfortable metal stools that hurt your ass and by the time two hours is up you'd rather be sitting on a bed of nails... Oh well... Me and devin and tiff and whoever else are gonna have some mad crazy fun again this weekend and make more fun pics... accept this time we know we are going to so we will have good props and plan them out, cause its not a spur of the moment thing this time... oh well gotta fly... Peace.