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"Camellia Sisneis, is the plant that green tea is made from. If your desperate for drugs, as I was when I tried this, or not, this is still a good way to get high.
The level of high fluxuates with the amount of tea you smoke. Yes you have to smoke it. I used a regular pipe, the cheap kind bought at Wal Mart. There is no use fucking up an expensive pipe just experimenting. That’s what I thought before I tried this. I have since used a bong, a regular hash pipe, tried rolling a blunt and have even successfully rolled joints from it. When you smoke Camellia Sinesis, there is a particular type I buy, if you go to your local grocery store, again, for me that was Wal Mart. you can pick up the Celestial Seasonings brand, Authentic Green Tea. Its this little green box with an elderly Chinese man on the front, I’m sure you’ve seen it before. It usually comes with 20 tea bags in it, which is plenty for a while, unless you smoke it everyday all day.
When your smoking it, I recommend using the contents of one tea bag, when I first discovered this a friend and I smoked a little less than half the contents of one tea bag. It was a nice high for about 20 minutes. When the high started out my tongue, gums, and lips kind of went tingly, and they may go a little numb. Afterwards your uvula feels kind of knotted, but not in an unpleasant way. These feelings may happen in any particular order, it doesn’t really affect you in any way. This is when the fun really starts. After all this happens which ranges from about 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on how you smoke it. Remember not to take a super fuckin hit as soon as you start toking. Kind of start out gradually. When toking take your hit and hold it as long as you can. The next feelings you get will be a lightheaded feeling, your heart rate may speed up or slow down, depending on your current activities. You will start to see trails in your vision, driving through town at night is trippy as hell...if you do that make sure not to fuck up in any way. If you’re at home buy some glow sticks and hang them up around where your smoking the shit, plug in the black light and break out the 3D eye posters. The effects of this vary, but they are almost always like this. It is never a bad feeling. "
Ok so who wants to try it and tell me if it works?