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Ok, I'm a druid right... So I come home from school.. mom is already here half hour early... and she has a guy coming over that knows someone she works with to give us a second quote on a new AC and heater... nd he starts fillin at paperwork after she decides to go with him... and next thing I know... me... the DRUID... is now staff at the church this guy is a minsiter for.And its scary how identical he is to me. His dad was a cop, my dad was a cop. They both died of CANCER a few weeks before their retirments. Had same trobles in school... got into same trouble... and he is this like 6'3 guy... built like a bloody tank... ex marine and now him and a buddy started a heating and cooling company and its a christian heating and cooling company... and he's an ordained minister now and does a youth program at a church on tibs and 16th and I'm not on his staff with no say in the matter. So I gotta go up there every other friday (he wanted me to go tonight) and he wants me at church every sunday... and he wants me to join the marines if I do any branch of the military... and he says I have to start losin weight or else... and sheesh... I"M NOT CHRISTIAN!!!! But I can't be a jerk to this guy so I don't bloody know... I'm gonna go a few times I think and slowly then just stop showin up... so I don't hurt his feelings completely... then if he asks why I quit showin... I'll have these next few weeks to formulate something to tell him.