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This is the second night in a row that a cousin of devin's has caused devin to brake plans with me... I hope he doesn't have to many more cousins... I thought I was gonna get to play the fuckin video game we rented... but on our way to devin's we stopped here to take out the trash so he calls his house and his mom tells him I can't stay the night cause she told devin's cousin (kyle) that devin would stay the night with him tonight... damn well knowin that we were gonna stay there and now she's all like "oh well I didn't know." This is fuckin bullshit... and tomorrow devin works from 7:30 am till 10pm cause of both jobs... so I won't get to play it tomorrow... friday he has band practice... so no playin it friday, saturday i'm sure he has plans... so no playin it then... blah... damn people... damn um all but Tiff.