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Laura if I hurt you I normally would say I was sorry... but this time I'm not going to. I love you... always have... since the first day I saw you... it grew as I got to know you... and all I did was show you... and all you did was push us farther apart. I stood by and watched many people hurt you... I gave you whatever you wanted. I lived each day in pain... watching us grow farther apart. I know what I did this time was right... I'm not going to apologize and beg for forgiveness... I lost to many nites sleep... cried to much... let it worry me and tear me up to much... I let this happen till I lost my humanity... I do not think of myself as human anymore. I have no emotion towards anything now. I feel no sorrow for what I do now... I still love you though... I will not let it hurt me anymore though, for nothing hurts me now. IF anyone has a fucking problem with this then voice it or hold your tounges like the fools you all are. Thank you... good day.