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Bah I'm tired... gonna hop off here very early today... so I can eat a good breakfast... this week will be good sine wednesday is a half day.. I'm happy bout that... I can always use time off... Um, how was everyone's weekend? I hope everyone had a nice couple of sunny fun days. Mom is fuckin isane... she acts like its the end of the fuckin world because I didn't put salt in the water softener... well ya know what... she can fuckin lift the 120pounds of salt and but it in... And i've been gone from updating to deal with like 10 fuckin ants in the kitchen... and she's like "get me the phone book... cal an exterminator!!! The house is going to be eaten and its yuor damn fault for not taking the trash out!" Well A. the fuckin ants were goin after the pepsi n the pepsi can's in the recycle bin... B. they do this every year. C. I told the bitch to rinse out her cans... but does she? No... its my fault... whatever... gonna go kill myself. To escape insanity