quote from one of bob-0's outbound emails that I "Captured"

The following quote is from one of bob-0's outbound emails that I "enterecepted/captured" read, and continue to let it go... here it is...

"Jimmy is getting an apartment with Bickel in a while. Bickel had an apartment with Ryan (he still has it), but Ryan went to fucking jail! He got caught threatening this girl's life through AIM and they arrested his fat ass! I don't think he is gonna actually get sentenced to real time, he is still a minor, but he is in trouble either way.

So me and Bickel are cool again. He said that Ashley is afraid of him being around Jill, so whenever she is over there he will come over here, without Ashley, which is cool with me. He might not dump the bitch, but I don't have to see her. He will waste more of my time, but he inevitably sparks good philosophical conversation sometimes, and he could be another student. He knows a lot of it, and could even teach me some herbalism, but I like to think he hasn't figured out any of the shit I have deduced from chaos theory. "

Makes me think a lot... he's using bickel, still bad mouthing me and ashlie... and I guess I just lost another friend.;.. which leaves me with... hmm lets see... NONE. Oh well... fuck the humans.