Life is starting to annoy me, no? Heh, I looked forward today, because its a day where I have class with someone... well today this someone totally ignored me and the few things they did say to me didn't help cheer me up any... so today basically sucked... its 1:15ish and I just got to this class, have nothing to do this period, and then I go to accounting around 2, and there I have to start a new chapter which will mean a hefty amount of new learning, and an arse load of new problems. *sighs* Well, that someone should also get a letter from me today in the mail, hopefully things improve a little and don't get worse... time will tell, no? Well I'll probably update a little more when I get home from school if I feel like being awake. I have to do groceries around 4, I don't get home till 3:30... so I won't be on till probably 5:30 or later if I get on at all tonight. Well... yeah... someone shoot me or something... ciao