Hell yeah... a while back... I paid 25$ on to allegedly get a laptop in after 75 people had signed up... I got it saturday and didn't see the package in my room till this morning... its fuckin sweet! I just joined back up again today... (did it first time bout a month and a half ago...) It's identical to the specs on the site and is awesome... Its the first real deal thing like this I've found and I've tried lots... so if you want a kick ass laptop for 25$ head on over to you have to use their paysystem thing... its like paypal... and you can transfer money to it from paypal... then transfer money from it to them for the 25... when I get the next one I'll sell it on ebay... and go sign up like 4-5 more times ina row... and sell all them and have some cash to do what I want with... fuckin A!