I quote k-lynn

I quote K-lynn... "I want someone that I can call my own... Someone that I can say that I love. I want a love that has no doubt in it from myslef or the other person... I want it pure, young, free, and full of hope and energy. I feel that I am missing out on something... I don't think love is tangible for me. I dunno... Blah... I just have had this feeling, this need for someone, for so long... it's eating me up. I get way too attached to quickly because I want this so badly... It suks... I am going to end up being hurt so much if I keep this shit up to where I will give up on my hope for love. I will just throw the idea out and that scares me. I don't want to give up on something I desire and miss so deeply. That's another thing... Well, nevermind... I miss being held... and I hate being lied to. I dunno... " She has pretty much wrapped all my bitching up in her october 8th post. so um.. DITTO.