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Oi allo! Whats up everyone? Um... I'm sitll tryin to get a job... trying to keep myself from killing mom. Um... Madison is obsessed with me... not cool. I'm really starting to hate life a lot... Like a lot more than ever before. Madison is harassing me to go back out with her. I don't want to... thats why I broke up with her. Um... she won't ever take her hands off me... she is always trying to hold my hand, everyday in fourth period she always is all over me and huggine me and resting her head on my shoulder. That ain't fuckin kewl... we don't go out... I guess she doesn't get the picture. She is still all fuckin head over heals about bob-0... so why doesn't she bug him not me. The people I really love I'll never have anything with accept for a friendship. I can deal with that though. Wolf is strong. Wolf can take it. Anyway... Peace everyone... I love you Laura... I love you Ashlie... and I love you Pascifist.