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I'm fed up with people... I really am this time... Laura was a fuckin ass friday... she begged me to go to the show... I broke plans with people just to go because she begged me to... so I get there... and she totally fucking ignores me... and when I try and talk to her she is so drunk that she is meaner than a snake and getting shitty over everything. It hurt me so bad to see her like that... it hurt me even more to see her treat me like a non existant piece of shit. Then Saturday I had to deal with ashlies shit. She is all like "boo hoo you hate me... you were so sweet two weeks ago" yeah damn strait I was then. THat was before you took money to fuck michael. Then you came over to MY FUCKING HOUSE TO DO IT. Then last nite. You and bickel fucked over here... and when I told you guys you couldn't and that you needed to do it somewhere else you locked yourselves into the back room. So I unlocked you and had to come in with a fucking homeade blow torch to get you guys out of their. So fuck you. On the other hand though... I had fun with bob this weekend. Driving around with him. So thats a very small plus. If I had the strength I'd probably kill myself just to get away from you rat bastards. Peace the fuck out.