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Ok today was totally boring. Devin and I went to his house for a while then left. We went up to Blockbuster to take some movies back and for me to apply. We then came home and sat around for about an hour and a half. So at 4 we left and got dinner. I then took Devin home. Now here it is 7:30 and I'm bored out of my skull like I was all day. Devin and Mandy are trying too hook me up with Nikki Lanpher... I don't know why. It won't work out anyway. Nothin has yet... so I doubt this will. Anyway... Life has me in a bad place right now... about every day my view on life changes. One day I'm happy as I can be and the next I'm just wanting to die. Mom wants to sell the house. This is one thing that keeps taking me down. Also I'm basically sitting around alone all summer accept for when Devin comes over. This is also keeping me down a lot. I have various things cheering me up from time to time though. Oh well... no one wants to here me bitch so I'll stop writing.