Laura was the only person that rode with me today... she was tired and was lying down in the passenger seat in the sun just realxing... she was so peaceful... it was nice seeing her at rest... knowing that she was ok at that one moment. Laura... sorry if I stopped to quick or anything and disturrbed your rest on the way to your place. I tried to make the ride as gentle and quiet as possible for you since you were so tired.

Um.. I'm not doing anyything this weekend at all... everyone is going to rocky... I'd go if i had a ride... but no one really wants me around so its kewl... or people are goin to battle of the bands or both of umt... I'll be here if anyone wants to do anything... so yeah... I hope someone isn't going so I'll have somethin to do this weekend... if not its kewl... well not much to say... ciao.