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goin through an old log... read this everyone
TheEnDxxx: do you get me?
RyanMercer: ooh your so cool
RyanMercer: you think because you have a computer you scare me
TheEnDxxx: all the times i ever hurt her was because i couldn't trust her
TheEnDxxx: what?!
TheEnDxxx: what r u talking about?
RyanMercer: Mathew Kirby Robinson.....
TheEnDxxx: when did ciomputer come into thia/
TheEnDxxx: s?
RyanMercer: I hope you get help
TheEnDxxx: what man?!
TheEnDxxx: i don't need help
RyanMercer: and you don't hit women
RyanMercer: ever
TheEnDxxx: get laura help
RyanMercer: your as bad as her step father
TheEnDxxx: she's the one that's fucked up
RyanMercer: she has problems of her own yes but that didn't give you the right to abuse her because she wouldn't always do what you wanted her to
TheEnDxxx: abuse her how?
TheEnDxxx: i treated her better than anyone else ever has and she'll tell u that
TheEnDxxx: i never abused her
TheEnDxxx: sure we got into arguments but every couple does
RyanMercer: You even "played" rough with her whens he didn't want you to
TheEnDxxx: i got pissed at her a lot too but that was only when i found out that she lied to me about something
TheEnDxxx: oh god.....i said sorry for all those times
TheEnDxxx: i didn't mean it
TheEnDxxx: it was me being a guy
RyanMercer: Well I'll quit bugging you about it because I can understand how you feel about all of this and stuff because honestly I feel the same way you once felt about her
RyanMercer: but alas we will only ever be friends according to her
TheEnDxxx: look i never hit her and i treated her better than anyone else
RyanMercer: so I feel the pain and anguish as well
RyanMercer: but as long as you don't hurt her or my or any of my friends I will try to make them forget about this entire ordeal as well
TheEnDxxx: dude i wouldn't waste my fucking time on her
RyanMercer: We all just need to forget about it and get on with our lives
TheEnDxxx: she's a fake and a lier
TheEnDxxx: she ruined my life!!!!!!!
TheEnDxxx: don't you understand that?
RyanMercer: I can't feel that way about her Mathew... I just can't... I feel like I can't live without her and I don't think I'll ever be able to not feel this way about her
TheEnDxxx: then you r the one that needs the help
RyanMercer: I know
RyanMercer: but I don't mind if she hurts me
RyanMercer: because being around her is better than anything else
TheEnDxxx: god i feel sorry for you
TheEnDxxx: she'd cheat on u just as she did me
TheEnDxxx: she's a slut and the biggest fuckin' lier
RyanMercer: I felt so much pain seing you guys together when you came to our school that one time to help me and laura with the set for the play... and I've felt lots of pain... but I care for her to much to forget about her
TheEnDxxx: lemme ask you some questions then
RyanMercer: Well I'm going to try to get everyone to leave you alone because all they are doing is making it harder for you
RyanMercer: ok
TheEnDxxx: while me and laura were going out did she ever drink alcohol or smoke weed?
TheEnDxxx: and please be honest
RyanMercer: Not that I know of
RyanMercer: but I didn't always follow her ya know
TheEnDxxx: yeah
RyanMercer: I'm almost sure she stayed clean
TheEnDxxx: final question....
TheEnDxxx: does she have a boyfriend right now?
RyanMercer: I don't like her doing stuff either so I try to keep her away from it
RyanMercer: no
RyanMercer: she keeps saying she is going to be single for life
TheEnDxxx: well cigs rn't exactly good for you so i wouldn't say she was ever clean
TheEnDxxx: doubtful
RyanMercer: and she says no one loves her... but I do... and she knows it... she just doesn't want to get in a relationship with me because she doesn't want to lose me as a friend
TheEnDxxx: well that kid at the mall yesterday in laura's hoodie....was that ryan krieg?
TheEnDxxx: i'm sure that's not it
RyanMercer: no taht wasn't kirgra17
RyanMercer: er kriegra
TheEnDxxx: who was it?
RyanMercer: um I"m trying to think who had it on
RyanMercer: Was it before laura said "there is devin and ryan"
RyanMercer: because if it was it was just some people she met online and at concerts
TheEnDxxx: i never listened to her talking
RyanMercer: ok
TheEnDxxx: i didn't wanna be there yesterday
RyanMercer: well was it before or after you walked out of von maur
RyanMercer: I know
RyanMercer: I read your letter to her
TheEnDxxx: but my friends did so i had no choice
TheEnDxxx: why did u read my letter?
RyanMercer: I just did
RyanMercer: that is why
RyanMercer: no reason really
TheEnDxxx: how did u get my letter?
RyanMercer: from laura
TheEnDxxx: why did she send it to you?
RyanMercer: the one that goes Dear Laura,
Maybe you just don't get it.....You are the only person in this entire
world that I truly hate. You don't act nice and say hi to someone that hates
RyanMercer: she asked me if I wanted it and I was curious to see what you had to say so she sent it to me
TheEnDxxx: what the fuck
TheEnDxxx: this shit is supposed to be between me and her
TheEnDxxx: not me, her, and the entire fucking world
RyanMercer: well like I said I'll try to get our friends to leave you alone... They usually listen to me
RyanMercer: she only sent it to me so don't worry
RyanMercer: and she considers me her "big bubbie"
TheEnDxxx: man i don't see why you hang out with her period
RyanMercer: but I don't plan on giving it to anyone or anything
TheEnDxxx: she's so fucking 2-faced
TheEnDxxx: i don't really care
TheEnDxxx: i feel sorry for you to like her so much
RyanMercer: I feel sorry for myself sometimes to
TheEnDxxx: when me and her were together she always talked bad about u
RyanMercer: because I know I won't ever have anything for her... but it hurts her when I ignore her and then that hurts me
TheEnDxxx: i wouldn't put up with that shit but hey it's your wasted life
RyanMercer: Laura says stuff bad about me sometimes but I don't care... she always apologizes
TheEnDxxx: it hurts her?
RyanMercer: yes
TheEnDxxx: man she doesn't even give a fuck of how bad she hurt me
RyanMercer: no she does
RyanMercer: she tells everyone to leave you alone
TheEnDxxx: shje doesn't give a fuck that i'm hurting and she caused it
RyanMercer: but no one listens
RyanMercer: I'm not even supposed to be talking to you
TheEnDxxx: she doesn't care ryan
RyanMercer: but I felt I needed to make peace with you
TheEnDxxx: then why r u talking to me?
TheEnDxxx: there is no such thing as peace
RyanMercer: because I don't want you to be mad at me
TheEnDxxx: i can't let her destroy my life and get away with it
RyanMercer: and I wanted to let you know I somewhat know how you feel but I don't think I'll ever totally feel your pain
TheEnDxxx: you never will so don't even try to compare
RyanMercer: and I will admit some of your pain is my fault but I really am sorry... I was just trying to get her away from you because I was trying to own her... but I'm very sorry for all of that
TheEnDxxx: believe me i say this isn't over
RyanMercer: you do'nt know that mathew... I might end going through the same thing with her
TheEnDxxx: there will be a rumble sooner or later
TheEnDxxx: you'll never go out with her...she doesn't like you
RyanMercer: Well I'm trying to make peace with you... just me... because I'm sorry about it all... I never thought all of this would happen... and I"m trying to help you out
RyanMercer: I know that but I don't want to believe it
TheEnDxxx: the whole time we were going out she never said one nice thing about you....she doesn't liek you
TheEnDxxx: get over and move on with your life before you end up getting hurt like me
RyanMercer: maybe she does maybe she doesn't but she is nice to me when she is around me and gets very upset if I get mad at her so I have to be nice to her
TheEnDxxx: and since you have tried to keep the peace you will be spared, but only you
RyanMercer: but all I'm asking here is to not be mad at me
RyanMercer: thank you
TheEnDxxx: oh fuck that....she loved me when she was around me, but she obviously didn't when she wasn't around me
RyanMercer: I'm going to still try to get everyone else to leave you alone
TheEnDxxx: when she wasn't around me she smoked and cheated on me
TheEnDxxx: i'm just wondering how many times she actually cheated on me
TheEnDxxx: did u know there's not one guy she's ever went out with that she didn't cheat on?
RyanMercer: only once.. and she really thought you two had ended your relationship
RyanMercer: I know of one she hasn't cheated on
RyanMercer: actually two
RyanMercer: but they only lasted a few days each... the guys ended the relationships
RyanMercer: please don't hurt laura any though
RyanMercer: if you have to take it out on someone take it out on me
RyanMercer: but just don't her laura
TheEnDxxx: gee funny how she could have thought we weren't going out when she cheated on me when i never broke up with her
TheEnDxxx: and when did she go out with 2 guys and not cheat on them?
RyanMercer: josha a few years ago and shaboti just about a week ago
RyanMercer: please don't hurt her though... like i said if you have to hurt someone hurt me...
TheEnDxxx: funny how she told me i was her last boyfriend
TheEnDxxx: forget that....she is responsible for her own actions and she hasta pay
RyanMercer: but I would rather you not hurt anyone... just so you don't risk getting in any trouble with the law and so none of my aquaintences don't get hurt
TheEnDxxx: see she lied again
RyanMercer: um she dated shaboti for like a whole 6 hours
TheEnDxxx: i don't care about the fuckin' law
RyanMercer: I don't think that actually counts as being bf and gf
TheEnDxxx: what was the point of that then?
RyanMercer: and they never asked each other out it was just assumed
TheEnDxxx: it still counts
TheEnDxxx: i don't care what u say
RyanMercer: well I'm askig you to not hurt her
RyanMercer: not physically at least
TheEnDxxx: i can't hurt her emotionally.....there's nothing that i could do that she would actually care about
TheEnDxxx: she doesn't care that i hate her
RyanMercer: if you physically hurt her it will just make you a bad person
RyanMercer: you can hurt me all you want just please don't hurt her
TheEnDxxx: she doesn't even fuckin' care that i hate her guts and i want her dead
TheEnDxxx: i don't think so
TheEnDxxx: she hasta pay the price
RyanMercer: I'll pay it for her...
RyanMercer: isn't that good enough
TheEnDxxx: i gave her all the love i'd ever known in the entire world and she just threw it away
RyanMercer: well then hurt me not her
TheEnDxxx: she didn't care about how much i loved her
TheEnDxxx: you aren't her!!!!!
TheEnDxxx: fuck you!
TheEnDxxx: i want her
RyanMercer: please I'm asking you... I'm begging you... just take it out on me not her
TheEnDxxx: i don't think so
TheEnDxxx: i'm going to take it out on laura and everyone else that gets in my way
TheEnDxxx: and that's how it is and that's how it will be
RyanMercer: well then I'll get in your way so you hurt me not her
RyanMercer: I'll make sure she doesn't go out in public without me
RyanMercer: and I'll protect her... I'll take the beatings
TheEnDxxx: it won't happen in public ryan
RyanMercer: and I'f she tries to hurt you I'll try and keep here away form you
TheEnDxxx: and i don't think you'd be able to protect her from me
RyanMercer: well If she leaves her house I'll make sure I"m with her
TheEnDxxx: she's never been able to hurt me
TheEnDxxx: she's a wimp
TheEnDxxx: i have a key to her house ryan
TheEnDxxx: u think that i couldn't destroy her whole life if i really wanted to?
RyanMercer: she is physically weaker than most yes but that doesn't mean I am
TheEnDxxx: you wouldn't stand a chance against me
TheEnDxxx: i don't care if you r bigger than me
RyanMercer: well I guess I'll have to die so she can get away from you
RyanMercer: I won't raise my fists at you
TheEnDxxx: i have more fighting skills that you and all of your friends combined probably
RyanMercer: I'll just take whatever you through
TheEnDxxx: if you get in my way then i will take you out....and then you won't be able to protect anyone
RyanMercer: and I will try to evade you as much as possible but I won't hurt you unless you hurt yourself striking me
RyanMercer: I will die to let laura live another day if I must
RyanMercer: so just be prepared to kill me first
RyanMercer: because to hurt her you are going to have to kill me... and have the guilt of killing a defensles person
TheEnDxxx signed off at 4:10:57 PM.