If there is pain and dissension and hunger in the world and you try to ignore it or just cavalierly, philosophically permit it, it’s going to come and get you. It’s going to come and destroy you. I don’t care how many followers you have, how small or big your empire is, how many canoes or battleships or whatever you have, how many arrows or nuclear weapons, whatever you have, that pain and privation and suffering from your fellow human beings will smash your defenses and get to you.

A Genghis Khan will come riding out of the north night and mow you down because they have nothing to lose but their emotional and physical pain and their suffering and maybe their starving. Now that sounds like it’s on a very pragmatic political have-and-have-not level. But on any level, like in the Ecolibrium sense, in the Zendikian sense, philosophically, metaphysically, you cannot get away with it.

The Infinite Psychic Field, the whole psychic realm, is a great vibrational web of communication. It permeates the Universe and every thought, every feeling, every pain, every lust is recorded there. And it’s felt by everything, by all life, simultaneously.
It’s instant. And nobody gets away with anything.
We’re all really intimately related, all parents and children, brothers and sisters, not only to each other but to everything. OK, but to keep this simple and comprehensible, I’m just talking about the human animal now.

I’m saying you can’t get away with defrauding the human animal with airhead religious philosophies and with international corporate manipulations of food supplies until the people are all just left stupid and starving.

You can’t get away with not caring about the other human animal’s destiny. I’m talking about defrauding in any sense. You cannot figure, I’m going to get mine, and fuck them! If you do, you’re going to be that way in your relationships, with your man, your woman, your children. You have to be a loving, caring person. But to become that, to do that from out of that world of hate, chaos and destruction, that Old Society, that Old disOrder we were all formed by, well, you can only do it philosophically. You can only do it by adopting a loving, caring philosophy that’s what you throw out to others, your philosophy, it’s part of your aura. It’s the sociologic aspect of your aura, and others Feel it, See it, and respond to its Truth and that, in turn, changes you and your emanations, changes you on every plane.