RyanMercer: some dumb ass, that calls himself an ecologist
BlackMys7: y r they dumb ecologists?
RyanMercer: is trying to tell me that 7 people car pooling in a hybrid car that uses half as much gas as a normal car and has a tenth of the emissions of a normal car... is worse than 7 people driving cars with 10 times as bad emission using twice as much fuel
RyanMercer: what a fucking dumbass
RyanMercer: hmm
RyanMercer: 1 car... or 7 cars that are each 10 times worse one mission and use twice as much fuel
RyanMercer: what one sounds better and cleaner
RyanMercer: emissions... or 70times the first emission
RyanMercer: 1 gallon of gas or 14 gallons of gass
RyanMercer: hmm...
RyanMercer: I wonder.