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    Skynet lives!!!

    So I went to buy a soda at work today and I had visual confirmation Skynet is active.

    Getting my Atari on

    While not the best way to play right now (the couch sits considerably lower than the table but hey it works for now) I got up and running last night... profanities and screaming "no no no no no no get away get away get away from me you stupid asteroid GET AWAY NO NO NO DON'T KILL ME" etc occurred. This weekend I'll be getting into some text-based games like Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Zork 2, Zork 3, Enchanter, Sorcerer and Spellbreaker.


    Who know a Doctor Who game existed for the 8-bit Atari line?!?! I didn't! Awesome...

    The following picture is my SIO2PC unit, which allows me to emulate hardware via the SIO port and an attached modern computer.


    Fake silver

    So I was given some fake ASE about 6 weeks ago to see how they compared to the real thing as ASE are the bulk of what I tend to buy, I normally stick to current year from well-known companies but I do occasionally like to buy from their circulated/random year inventory.

    All of these photos have been enhanced to help with less than ideal lighting, clicking each image will take you to the full (enhanced) photo ( 3027 x 2048 pixels) on Google+ (as well as the full photo edited album HERE ON GOOGLE+) Google+ has a pretty awesome photo viewer and will let you zoom in a good amount for examining in rather good detail without having to download the photos. You can find the unedited full photos HERE ON GOOGLE+

    PLEASE be vigilant when buying precious metals if you are buying from individuals or sources you haven't fully checked out. Your best bet is to stick to trusted merchants and mints, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL buying from individuals on eBay/Craigslist or even from local coin dealers/pawnshops/antique stores.


    Obvious issues I immediately see... fonts, lines on the shields, the fact the obverse and reverse both have the same 'north', the tilde is wrong, detail in face/dress/hair/eagle wings/eagle neck, he size of the bullet points.

    All of the following are counterfeit, from this point on there are no more authentic coins.


    I happen to have some liver of sulfur at home from 'antiquing' a sterling silver ring a few years ago to try and match the patina in the knotwork of an identical ring I had been wearing for a decade so lets see what it does to three counterfeit coins.

    The following image is after five minutes of exposure to the liver of sulfur:

    It's hard to see what it really did in the enhanced photo, so here is the unenhanced photo:

    Kreyos smart watch, getting it to work on iOS

    Managed to get mine working on iOS.
    Delete the app, factory reset the watch if you aren't on the setup screen still.
    Turn bluetooth on your phone, go to settings, select ONLY the one that does NOT have LE.
    Install app, sign in, go to setup via the watch icon (upper right hand corner). 
    Pair with LE.
    Bam. Operational, although not very well

    Managed to get mine working on iOS.

    Delete the app, factory reset the watch if you aren't on the setup screen still.

    Turn bluetooth on your phone, go to settings, select ONLY the one that does NOT have LE.

    Install app, sign in, go to setup via the watch icon (upper right hand corner). 


    Pair with LE.

    Bam. Operational, although not very well




    The watch is still a steaming pile of garbage... I helped fund it over a YEAR ago and they shipped almost a year late... it's garbage, absolute garbage.




    • It tells time and has some digital and analog faces
    • I can hold a button for voice control/Siri
    • It will control music via the iOS music app only, only controls via buttons (was promised we could use gestures)
    • Step counter registers movement, is WILDLY inaccurate. I moved my arm 1 foot and it counted it as 17 steps. Rotating my wrist once registers as 14 steps.


    • No gesture control
    • Does not display text notifications
    • Does not display incoming call, does however show a missed call from SIX MONTHS AGO every few minutes and will not clear
    • Watch band pin keeps popping out, because watch band is flexible rubber with no rigid piece where pin is meaning any torsion/flexing results in the pin popping out of plastic.
    • No way to make watch display nothing, doesn't appear to timeout and go back to watch face on it's own either.
    • Buttons only work 80-85% of the time.

    Guide: how to identify a one who squats


    Atari CX77 Touch Tablet

    Legit never been opened. 1983. I actually don't want to open it, now I have to find and buy an unopened one ha! I'll probably open it in a week or two and check it out on one of my Atari 800XL's or a 2600. For those of you wanting to see an unboxing and don't want to wait for mine, check out technologizer's from 2009

    Know what bothers me though? Look at the back of the box (bottom image)... that Atari isn't hooked up to the television...

    Legit never been opened. 1983. I actually don't want to open it, now I have to find and buy an unopened one ha! I'll probably open it in a week or two and check it out on one of my Atari 800XL's or a 2600. For those of you wanting to see an unboxing and don't want to wait for mine, check out technologizer's from 2009

    Know what bothers me though? Look at the back of the box (bottom image)... that Atari isn't hooked up to the television...

    Bulk Lego

     So here is an idea of how much Lego I'm going through (this is about 420lbs, there's another 80ish not pictured that's I've already gone through).This was about... $2600 or so once you add it all up.



    I've found a LOT of great stuff, including these two nice finds:


    Ancient Aliens Lego style 

    Too funny, sorting one of the boxes of almost 500 pounds of used Lego I bought and have Ancient Aliens playing, look what I found...

    Buy bulk used Lego $18 a pound shipped!

    buy bulk lego

    Check it out, bulk used Lego (cleaned) for $18.50 a pound shipped!


    Asked the moderators of /r/lego to talk to someone about excessive cursing (they dropped the f-bomb and referred to an individual as a retard several times in sevarel replies), one of the moderator's decision... talk down to me by showing their wonderful skill as a grammar Nazi. Great community over there!


    Click the thumbnail for a larger version of their reply.


    Or, here is the text.


    to /r/lego/ sent 22 hours ago

    You may want to talk to xamthe3rd based on his/her replies in this thread nearly every third word is 'fuck' with at least one 'retard' as well.

    [–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 21 hours ago

    I've reviewed your request, and have decided to not act.

    We're no kindergarten cops, and only step in when needed according to our discretion.

    I believe you'll be fine, as you've not complained about the physical violence threat, just the fuck and retard words. Besides, you made inflammatory statements, so I'm sure you were conscious of the possiblity of such repercussions.

    And xamthe3rd just needs a hot shower, and take a brake from all that research into anime.

    Hope you continue to enjoy /r/lego.

    Bright Regards


    [–] to key95 sent 14 hours ago

    I could care less about what he said to me, I just think in Lego (a family friendly building set) he shouldn't be firing off "fuck fuck fucking retard fuck mother fuck fuck fuck fucking fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck"

    [–] to key95 sent 14 hours ago

    But I mean I guess

    "Foul language, while not banned, is discouraged. Please follow redditquette." stands for nothing. I didn't say ban him, I said talk to him in regards to YOUR rule.

    [–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 2 hours ago

    I could care less about...

    I couldn't care less about... FTFY

    Besides, exaggerating a bit aren't we? There are about 4 fucks, and one fucking, two retarded, no mother fuck. But your forgot the

    Now you're just being an asshole.

    Your reason for complaining:

    family friendly

    This is, home of /r/spacedicks, I'm sure our users can handle a few swearwords.

    [–] from key95[M] via /r/lego/ sent 2 hours ago

    "Discouraged" != "forbidden", that formulation was on purpose, exactly for these kind of cases.

    Sometimes people feel the need to express themselves using foul language. In this case you provoked a user by consciously pissing on something that is dear to them, and others as the votes show.

    Yes, OUR rules, at our DISCRETION.

    Thanks for participating here on /r/lego. Please feel free if you run into a situation you feel violates our rules. We will try and react promptly, though probably not always to your liking.

    Bright Regards




    And by the way. I COULD care less.

    Lego: DeLorean

    So my latest build is Lego's Back to the Future DeLorean. You first build it as the 80's version, then you can convert it tot he 2015 version by deconstructing it a little and using the remaining parts, I'm leaving it as the 80's version for now (as it stores back in the box assembled and I just don't have the space for it sitting out right now... I bought 440 POUNDS of Lego bricks so space is limited right now, I'll post about those once they all arrive). 


    Also, remember when Doc pours the beer into the Mr. Fusion, well a few years ago I did some math to figure out how many jigawatts were in that beer after reading that electric DeLoreans were going to be made from largely original parts go check the post out if you haven't!


    Lego:Millennium Falcon


    So last Sunday (July 13th, 2014) I had a nice lunch date for a second date with a pretty cool girl. We had lunch for about an hour then decided to go browse Lego products at toy store down the road. They had several themes buy-1-get-1 40% off so I picked up 180$ of Star Wars sets and she picked up 60$ or so worth of various sets, the bulk of my purchase was the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965. I had a really bad headache that afternoon and evening so it took me about 4 hours to get through the #1 and #2 bags (6 sets of bags total, 2 books). I worked on it throughout the week and just finished it a few minutes ago. Do note, I do not do the stickers! I have never been able to get the stickers to go on even remotely the way they were meant to so I just leave them in the box.



    This week in space: Siberian and other cavern craters 

    So this mysterious Siberian Crater has people throwing out all kinds of theories... 

    It reminds me of the one on Mars

    It also reminds me of the one on the moon


    Now, I have a really good theory on what has caused these... one I've not seen mentioned yet. You see my friends, I whole-heartedly believe these are caused by one thing. A terrible menace. GRABOIDS.


    My genetic ancestry

    My genetic ancestry as per

    Ancestry Composition tells you what percent of your DNA comes from each of 31 populations worldwide. The analysis includes DNA you received from all of your ancestors, on both sides of your family. The results reflect where your ancestors lived 500 years ago, before ocean-crossing ships and airplanes came on the scene.

    Northern European 38.5%
    British & Irish 9.5%
    French & German 7.7%
    Scandinavian 34.0%
    Southern European 1.0%
    Balkan 0.7%
    Iberian 0.3%
    Italian 0.2%
    Sardinian 3.3%
    Broadly Southern European 4.9%
    Broadly European 0.1%
    West African 0.1%



    My genetic ancestry as per


    Asia South <1%
    Europe West 75% (Primarily located in: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein)
    Great Britain 7%
    Ireland 5%
    Iberian Peninsula 4%
    Scandinavia 3%
    Italy/Greece 3%
    Europe East 1%
    Pacific Islander <1%
    Trace Regions <1%
    Polynesia <1%




    Coworker found this in a magazine and put it on my desk. Holy crap I have a wife and kids!!!

    OneFitWonder Sandbag System review

    I recently came into the possession of a OneFitWonder Sandbag System and have had a week to play with it. Upon opening the box it came in I quickly saw it was very sturdy construction, I mean... it has to hold 100lbs of sand AND get moved around a LOT.

    Each of the carriers have a thick hook and loop fastener strip on the outside AND another hidden on the inside to make sure the sand stays in.

    The bag that the carriers go in has a military grade zipper and a flap outside of the zipper that is again a generous width of hook and loop fastener.

    I chose to leave some extra room in the filler bags to ensure the sand would shift around making any exercises attempted that much more difficult, three carriers are included with the 100lb system which you fill with sand and then place inside the duffle.

    It was easy getting the three filler bags into the duffle but it took a good minute of messing with it to actually be able to zip it up, the sand really didn't want to work with me, once I got it zipped though the bags move around good inside the duffle and the sand moves around well inside the filler bags.

    Above I look pretty grumpy, it was just one of those days (and hey, the sun is in my eyes for crying out loud). Getting it to one's shoulder at about 80-85lbs is actually relatively easy (for me anyway) but once it's up on your shoulder you certainly feel it pulling that side of you toward the ground, the first day I walked around with it on each shoulder for several minutes and the following day my core was screaming at me "ermagerd we sore, y u do that 2 us?!"

    Lunges are already difficult for me, my rather generous gut tends to make me a bit unstable, add one of these sandbags to a shoulder and it's a chore to stay upright.

    Above I TRIED to press it, it didn't work. In fact I'm doing my best just to hold it up there. It's not that the weight is hard to get above my head, it's the simple fact I'm holding the handles for dear life and it STILL is sliding all over the place, ahh the joy of sand.


    Once you get it over your shoulders you quickly find gravity is a harsh mistress, she's pulling you down with a vengeance. This is on my way down in a squat, I can get hips below parallel easily (I can without the weight too, I'm oddly flexible for a fat man) but keeping a good form with the sandbag on your shoulders isn't very easy, you tend to pull your chest in and push your back out, no bueno. I probably should do that with less sand in until I get used to the weight shifting but eh I was only squatting with the sandbag system for the photo, I get enough weighted squats in at CrossFit317.


    Counterfeit junk silver. 

    So lately it's been brought to my attention there are a lot of counterfeit precious metal coins/rounds/bars floating around out there...

    The coin on the right is counterfeit and was presumably manufactured in China. It eels right buuutttt the dead give away is the ping when you drop it, also the shield dots are too close together and you can see the mechanical wear on it. Whatever they used left stripes not unlike tree rings as well as an odd discoloration spo that makes the eagle look like he's passing gas.


    Scary. Think it's time to stop buying junk and older bullion (online anyway) and only buy current year government minted from big name dealers (online anyway). You can hop on to several sites selling goods from China and order this crap all day long... junk silver, slabbed coins and rounds, ASE, Maples, big name mint rounds and bars etc.

    I plan to cut or drill into it this weekend to see exactly what's in it, just trying to figure out which method will give me the cleanest look at the innards.

    CrossFit: in which I attempt Annie

    Today's WOD was Annie...

    Double Under’s
    (Advanced: GHD sit-ups)

    Well, I can't do double unders so I subbed 3x the number in single's... my previous consecutive record of rope jumps was FOUR, tonight I hammered out the first 37 without a fumble, go me! Sadly it was down hill from there but hey that's ok, I'd only jumped rope for the first time EVER 2 Mondays ago!!!

    It took be about 8 minutes to knock out that first 150 single unders, the most I've ever done by a factor of almost FOUR. I then paused momentarily to catch some of my breath and hit the mat for the sit-ups. I could do 2-3 sit-ups at a time before I'd have to stop to catch my wind, I mean I'm still over 300lbs and sitting up takes a LOT of effort for me still. By the time most of the folks were DONE with Annie I was still in my 40's on the FIRST round of sit-ups, coach walks over on my 49th time up and asks me how many left "huw huw huwon left fo fo for firrssssssttt round" and I go right back down on the mat and rocket back up, he squats low to give me a high five and tells me he's proud of me. Hell, I'm proud of me too... when I read the WOD on the site this morning I was like "feck, I can't do that, their bleeding mad!" and was 100% convinced I wouldn't even get 10 single unders done. Wow, I did 150 single unders and 50 sit ups. It's something, and in my opinion a damn good attempt. I look forward to the next time Annie comes around, I can't wait to see how much better I do!

    I did buy a Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope 2 weeks ago but haven't even adjusted it yet, that 150 I did tonight is all the motivation I need to get that thing sized and start using it on days I don't go to the box for a WOD. Now, time to ice and roll my shins! Catch you guys next time.


    CrossFit: The Filthy Fifty (Trying Twenty-Five)

    Well today's WOD at CrossFit 317 was The Filthy Fifty

    Filthy Fifty
    For time:
    50 Box jump (24/20)
    50 Jumping pull-ups
    50 Kettlebell swings (35/24)
    Walking Lunge, 50 steps
    50 Knees to elbows
    50 Push press (45/35)
    50 Back extensions
    50 Wall balls (20/14)
    50 Burpees
    50 Double unders

    Coach Ashley was on top of it and scaled me down to 25, so I'm calling it Trying Twenty-Five! The only substitution I had to make (aside from halving it) was the knees to elbows in which I did v-ups (on already sore abs from the 45 v-ups during Wednesday's WOD where I'd substituted them for toes to bar). With those substitutions in mind I think I did pretty well, we were limited to 40 minutes and I managed to do 203 of the 250, given another 7-10 minutes I could have finished, I was running out of steam but I only had 22 burpees and 25 double unders (although I would have done singles, I can barely do singles, doubles are still beneath me but I did buy a rope and plan to start dedicating 5-10 minutes to singles Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays/Sundays, the days I don't do a WOD currently, till I've got them down well, right now I think my record in a row is 3 or 4).


    • Box Jumps: powered through, 3/4 of the class finished their 50 before I did my 25, a lot of that was demounting the box... my brain was like "you want me to do whaaaaat?" when I'd go to step backwards off to get ready to reset. By the end I was no longer hesitating though, I had a similar issue with ring rows at first.
    • Jumping pull-ups: actually not that bad and I had the added benefit of being sandwiched between two of the fairer sex doing theirs on either side of me, felt a bit liked a maddened tinpot dictator with his loyal (and deadly) female honor guard, Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard has (had I suppose) NOTHING on the girls of CrossFit 317!
    • Kettlebell swings: I'm no stranger to these, those of you that know me know I've a 1 and 2 pood here at the house, I powered through them as fast as my lungs and heart allowed. I was doing 50 a day with a 2-pood earlier this year while I'd watch tv every evening over the course of a few hours.
    • Walking lunge: lunges and world's greatest absolutely kill my heart and lungs, these took a few minutes to get done and at my weight I don't get anywhere near as low as anyone else, I'd get 7-8 in and have to stop for several seconds. My balance was also getting pretty sloppy at the end and aborted several attempts.
    • Knees to elbows: here I did v-ups, I was already quite sore from 45 of these on Wednesday as I learned after sneezing at work today. The first two weren't very fun but after that I honestly didn't notice any pain or tenderness, I did have to stop every 3-4 though for an equal length breather.
    • Push press: not too bad other than the fact I was pretty breathing quite hard by this point (and was winded the rest of the WOD and for a good 15 minutes after the 40 minutes was up). I made it through the first 20 in about a minute and a half and needed a drink bad at this point, had my drink and another 45 seconds or so of a breather then one of the previously mentioned fierce women locked eyes and gave me a good "come on just 10 more!" I sloppily shook my head and mouth 5 more while holding up fingers "come on then just 5 more" that was enough motivation, picked that bar back up, got into position and hammered those out.
    • Back extensions: I zombie shuffled to the other room and 3 people were doing back extensions already so I moved on to wall balls and came back after I'd finished them, I was the last person to do my back extensions. Managed to squeeze my long and thick legs in, get my hips set, go down for the first and one of the many voices in my brain sounds the klaxon "warning, warning, warning, attention arms and legs body is staring to list to bow, capsize imminent warning warning warning" but the coach was still in the room so I tried to shut the voice up and did a few, she left and I shot up like a rocket to get the internal klaxon to shut off. The next 7 or 8 were similar, once I had those done though my brain was finally listening to me "oh, ok, we aren't going to fall forward and die, ok, very well then". Got to 22, had to stop for a good 30-45 seconds and then struggled through the last 3.
    • Wall balls: wall balls aren't my friend, while I have one of the deepest squats in the gym (all 3 coaches have complimented it, see working on electronics on the floor and not wanting to sit down WAS exercise people, holding those very deep squats has paid off) it's the coming out of it part that really taxes the heart and lungs... I can get the ball up fine (usually have to dial it down or I send it too far up and can stop and make tea while I wait for it to return from an attempt to become the next artificial satellite around our planet) but I can do 3-5 before I have to stop and start embracing the void to slow my heart rate and lungs, hey an archery skill comes in handy here... see sometimes holding that string back for minutes before loosing an arrow wasn't me being weird it was a mental exercise that pays off a lot, this is just one avenue it's helpful. It took me probably five minutes to get through the 25.
    • Burpees: I got to these after back extensions, the last 3 back extensions had the heart and lungs going hard enough I was a wet noodle trying to stand up, it was 2 minutes easy before I even got up and another 45 seconds before I got to the first burpee, at this point I had 1 minute left on the clock, I did the first one and shot up, got down for the second one and started to melt into the floor, 15 seconds left and I shoot up and right back down, 1 second left and with a groan not unlike the Titanic striking that iceberg (or torpedo, the verdict is still out) I pushed myself up to one knee then stood up, time over, jumped and finished that 3rd burpee.
    • Double unders: unfortunately I never got around to these, which is probably a good thing... I felt pukey getting ready to make an apperance after that 3rd burpee and if he didn't before I finished them he certainly would have before I finished 25 singles with the rope.

    Well, there you have it. A 300+ pound man's attempt at the Filthy Fifty, or as I would put it the Trying Twenty-Five. This ends my first month of CrossFit, it's certainly been an exhausting (and frustraing sometimes) experience but I paid for my 2nd month yesterday. I like it, it's tough but the coaches over at CrossFit 317 are great and so are the members. I doubt I'll ever remember a fraction of the names but the regular faces I see are already feeling like comrades in arms, family forged in the firey bowels of the psychological & physical battle that is CrossFit.





    CrossFit: I defeated another (modified) WOD

    Well today was brutal, but I finished the WOD in 15:55 (although modified)


    Toes 2 Bar

    Box Jump Overs (24/20)
    Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

    I did v-ups instead of toes to bar and instead of jumping to a 24" box I stepped up and down from it... I'm 307lbs jumping that high just isn't happening. It felt great to finish and I know my shins are going to hate me in the morning (the right one already does) but that's ok. Once I shower and eat, going to numb them a bit with a cold pack and then foam roll before bed, I'll roll again after work tomorrow so they are good to go Friday evening for my next WOD.