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    My Amazon Fire TV Review

    This is my review of the Amazon Fire TV

    Wow, I love this thing. Having used a few generations of Roku, 2 Apple TV's and other solutions... I was always left wanting. When I'd first heard rumors of Amazon doing a set top box I got excited, when I saw it was available for sale it took me all of 3 seconds to go "yup I'm going to order and pay for local delivery"

    Optical Audio
    Voice search (which works better than Siri on my iPhone) instead of a painful searching with the remote
    Allows for gaming (I most likely won't use but still neat)
    4x the RAM of competitors
    Faster processor

    Major Cons:
    I wish the remote would have a lion battery, if using voice search often I can see it draining AAA's fast.

    Minor Cons:
    No HDMI cable, I don't get why manufacturers want us to buy them seperate, slap one in the box and markup the price the cost of the cable.

    While I've only played with it for an hour or so, my first impressions are it's well worth the price. It's snappy, I actually have a reliable way to watch prime videos on my television now (which means I'll actually watch them, I've watched 1 episode of Red Dwarf on my kindle fire and an episode or two of stuff on my iPhone... in 3 years of being a prime member). As far as looks, I love that it's black (all of my home theater stuff is) and the finish is nice (doesn't reflect the LED from my tv's name badge or the power LED on my subwoofer).

    And the thing I'm most happy about, I can now be a cord cutter! Some of my shows I watch I can get over the hair with an HD antenna, the rest are all available either for purchase or for Amazon Instant Prime streaming!



    Over it all

    O Lord, my God! is there no help for the widow's son?

    Google bitcoin...

    Everyone throughout the day for a few weeks randomly google the following

    "bitcoin it really whip's the lama's ass"
    "bitcoin it's better than bad it's good"
    "bitcoin is the future"
    "bitcoin, I'd buy that for a dollar!"
    "bitcoin did I do that?"
    "Bitcoin have mercy!"
    "bitcoin Howwww ruuuuudddee"
    "bitcoin NOT the momma!"
    "bitcoin, how you doin'?"
    "bitcoin, oh my God they killed Kenny"
    "bitcoin, is that your final answer?"
    "bitcoin yadda yadda yadda"
    "bitcoin, there can be only one"

    Let's see if we can't get google to start including them in the Google suggestion box heh.

    Made my first purchase with bitcoin!

    Made my first purchase with bitcoin earlier. Went smooth and was a transaction I normally would have paid cash for. I'll likely use bitcoin again in the next week or so for a purchase as I'm eyeballing a few things I need over on Tiger Direct!

    An idea for business owners, introducing bitcoin to customers

    I have a small business, when I ship out orders I always include a business card with company info on the front and a QR code on the back linking to the store as well as a coupon code for anyone referred via the card (which, after sending out about 100 in orders I actually had someone finally use that special coupon code today which recovered the costs for about 900 cards... I'll call that a marketing win!) and now that I've been accepting bitcoin a week over at Genco Peptides (I have even had my first order with bitcoin exactly 1 week after accepting it) I decided to make another card to include in every order that will help raise awareness for bitcoin!




    Hopefully people look at the card, find themselves curious, and go read about bitcoin... or perhaps they already have some awareness of bitcoin and this gives them a good resource to go learn more about it!

    If anyone else has been doing something similar, please let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.



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    Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock replied!

    So over on reddit we have been seeing a lot of good stuff from CEO Patrick Byrne involving bitcoin... in this thread a user asked us to encourage Patrick to do an AMA. So, being the kind of guy I am. I contacted the man directly.


    NOTE TO OVERSTOCK:  please don't get mad I post this. I made sure his contact info isn't present and it doesn't divulge any personal or business information. If you aren't happy about me sharing this please contact me directly and I'll, unhappilly, remove it. I read your signature disclaimer but I made a judgement call that Mr. Byrne and Overstock would both be fine with "How do I do that?" being post online as it damages no one and reveals no trade secrets.

    I'm excited, I hope he an AMA soon!


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    Letter to dad 2014

    Well dad, tomorrow marks another year that you've been gone and I still miss you. This past year I suppose I've done a fair amount of things... where to start...

    Well I've met mom's oldest son a few times, he seems alright. I started an LLC late last summer, I sell peptides online like melanotan and PT-141 and it's been doing alright, I also link to some products on with my affiliate link in my various blog posts.

    I had to part ways with your truck last year, it served well for 18 years before something in the transmission finally went leaving it stuck in no, or every, gear. It was a hard thing to do, I went out and bought a slightly used 2013 Chevy Impala and it's been treating me well but I really miss the truck. The last day she was in my possession I cried like a baby just sitting in her, cleaning her out, and walking around her to get one last look at her. The truck was one of my last major ties to you and memories of things we did. If my business had been doing better I would have kept it and fixed it with the intent of restoring it but alas I just didn't have the resources (and really still don't).

    That's really all that comes to mind. Write to you next year!


    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there, I do not sleep.
    I am in a thousand winds that blow,
    I am the softly falling snow.
    I am the gentle showers of rain,
    I am the fields of ripening grain.
    I am in the morning hush,
    I am in the graceful rush
    Of beautiful birds in circling flight,
    I am the starshine of the night.
    I am in the flowers that bloom,
    I am in a quiet room.
    I am in the birds that sing,
    I am in each lovely thing.
    Do not stand at my grave bereft
    I am not there. I have not left.

    Cacao, the pineal gland and crazy dreams

    So lately I've been looking into ways to 'decalcify the pineal gland' with the presumption that the pineal gland is your third eye and what not. There are lots of blog posts and articles about this across the web and well... you'll have to decide for yourself the validity of them. Being a spiritual person myself I tend to believe it. That being said I've been using a lot of the compoudns alleged to decalcify/activate/whatever it. I'll do a more detailed post on that in the future but for now I want to talk about Organic Raw Cacao Powder

    I've been using Navitas Naturals Organic Raw Cacao Powder by simply putting a tbsp or two in a mug of warm water and drinking it like coffee or hot chocolate (mind you, I really love high cacao % dark chocolates, yeah a lot of people are going to complain it's bitter but I love the taste).



    I had been using the other various compounds that allegedly decalcify the pineal gland before adding this to the mix, when I did I had a big coffee mug of it an hour before bed the first night. Man oh man, one of the most vivid (and craziest) dreams I've ever had that had all kinds of stuff screaming out from my subconcious that I'll be trying to figure out for a long time I imagine. Every day since I've just been having it in the morning as one would have coffee, although I will note it's had me a bit spacey during the day at work so you might not want to drink it at work (or hey, maybe you might haha)... but every night I've continued to have rather vivid dreams that have a semi-recurring theme. Some of the most vivid dreams in my life, and I'd really like to hear from YOU folks if you try this too as I'm curious if others start experiencing more vivid dreams (or a higher frequency of dreams).


    As far as helping to decalcify the pineal gland, I mean there is no way for me to tell that... your pineal gland is small and I'm not cutting in to my brain to find out, however raw cacao does have numerous beneficial compounds such as: theobromine (a natural stimulant, non-addictive), studies suggest it helps your brian create/release anandamide  which gives a euphoric effect, contains various minerals like magnesium/sulfur/zinc/iron/copper/potasseum/manganese, has various polyphenols that act as antioxidants, a host of B vitamins, oleic acid, fiber... basically it's a 'super food'... that just happens to make me have awesome dreams.

    Buy peptides with bitcoin

    Despite two Bitcoin exchanges filing bankruptcy in the past week after being hacked, tens of thousands of businesses are beginning to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for their goods and services. recently reported they've accepted Bitcoin for over 1 million USD in sales now. Other business like Genco Peptides have begun allowing customers to buy peptides with bitcoin. Will Bitcoin last? I personally don't think so but regardless it should be interesting to see what the future holds in store for Bitcoin as an accepted currency.

    Some reasons why I think bitcoin will never last

    Here are just some of the reasons I see bitcoin never becoming commonplace, and probably even fading into history.

    • allows for easier money laundering
    • provides easier ways to fund terrorism
    • allows for ransomware creators (like cryptolocker) to anoymously accept ransom payments for their ransomware/malware
    • allows for easy and high value theft (here is another great look at high value btc theft)
    • can easily be lost if your digital wallet isn't backed up, like a 9 million USD loss
    • is not protected or here is another great look at high value btc theft
    • while not inflation proof currently extremely volatile
    • may cross all borders but in Russia they've been banned, several other countries looking at legislation, China has told it's banks DO NOT TOUCH essentially
    • if it starts to catch on muggers will approach you "transfer your btc to this wallet!!!" they then press a button on their custom app and it starts bouncing around dozens of wallets effectively becoming unrecoverable even if they are apprehended by authorities.
    • actually not a very fast way to transfer money, can take 9 to 19 minutes or more to move from one wallet to another, man I'd hate to wait in a drive-thru line for that
    • not everyone accepts it for payment, most likely never will and the number of institutions allowing you to to exchange for physical currencies are few and shrinking in number due to legislation in parent countries as well as hacking & DDOS attacks.
    • has given birth to a whole new form of malware that infects systems for the sole purpose of turning them into mining zombies for distributed mining
    • would require lots of new regulations before you could use it to invest with, to avoid money laundering and insider trading
    • once all 21 million BTC have been made, if it were to catch on and be a dominating currency prices on things would be terribly inconvenient, a Chevrolet Impala might be 1BTC while McDonalds would have a 0.00004347826 BTC menu (assuming the car was 23k USD)...

    To expand on that last point... it would actually be far more horrible on the fractions, currently 7bn people alive, potential for a total of 21m BTC...that would be 0.003BTC for each person, if the population were 8.5BN by then... 0.00233333333BTC per person alive. Whereas there was approximately $1.25 trillion in circulation as of February 19, 2014, of which $1.2 trillion was in Federal Reserve notes which would be 178.571428571 USD per person currently alive... but only a fraction of the world trades on the dollar. Chiefly just the United States, so 350m or so people. A lot of the arguments for BTC 'oh it's a global currency everyone can use' yeah, if everyone wants to become experts at decimal places to the tenmillionths or beyond.

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather say make 10$ an hour than make 0.0004347826BTC an hour. People aren't going to want to mess with insane decimal places.


    While I personally don't believe Bitcoin will be here to stay, I have decided to allow people to buy peptides with bitcoins over at my small business

    Demon possession

    This is so wrong.

    Obama, Congress and minimum wage

    Well Obama just raised federal contractor salary and Congress has a bill to raise minimum wage period to 10.10, if that happens I'll go from making double minimum wage to making 1.4x minimum wage in a skilled job, effectively neutering my income and requiring me to get a second job to keep the same purchasing power.

    When you raise the minimum wage, you don't help anyone, you only screw people that make more than minimum wage. Raise minimum wage and the cost of EVERYTHING goes up. Want to give people more money? Lower taxes.

    It has taken me over seven and a half years to get my salary from around 11$ an hour to a little over 14$ an hour, when I started minimum wage was less than 6$, now they want it to be 10.10... I have busted my butt in a job for seven and a half years and now they want every underachiever that says "do you want fries with that" to make almost as much as me. Insanity, this will just generate more tax revenue and drive the cost of goods up (which will also drive sales tax revenue up). Who wins if this minimum wage increase goes through? Oh that's right, the government.

    G2 Research RIP ammo

    Do NOT buy G2 Research RIP ammo, having this in your carry weaponsystem automatically makes it MALICIOUS INTENT meaning you lose in court if you have to defend yourself.

    For carry rounds: must be factory ammunition, must not be reloads, ideally you want something multiple police departments carry, you want something that is a big brand not some niche-company. Mags: you don't want your carry mags to be stamped LE USE ONLY or LAW ENFORCEMENT ONLY. Trigger, you want the factory trigger with ABSOLUTELY NO ADJUSTMENTS made that means no smoothing of the action outside of use. You don't want grim repaer grips, you don't want any vengefeul sayings/symbols/bible verses. All of these things show malicious intent. Your self-defense firearm just became a weapon, you are probably going to prison if you defend yourself and will also be sued and lose for wrongful death/wrongful injury if they survive. Even in cases where the DA doesn't press charges for self-defense, you still almost ALWAYS get sued in civil court and usually lose.

    They also claim it will go through nearly any material, including heavy winter clothing... yet they don't shoot a single piece of clothing. They shoot a windshield, not in a car (this automatically makes the windshield considerably more fragile), they don't shoot a winter work coat because they know it's going to almost certainly stop it from penetrating, a water balloon is not a person, it appears to miss some of the ballistic gel (meaning it falls apart before hitting anything) etc.

    Columbia, Maryland shopping mall shooting

    Earlier today at least one suspect began firing shots in a Columbia, Maryland shoping mall. At this time at least 3 are confirmed dead. Not to cheapen the deaths of the victims but I suspect this mall was a 'gun free zone'. Gun free zones DO NOT WORK, clearly. The media and anti-gun movement are going to try and use this to further support stripping the right to bear arms from sane and upright citizens.


    First, I urge everyone to go to before believing any anti-firearm propaganda.

    Second, I'd like to recommend the following books to both firearm owners and those that may have questions or concerns about firearms. Please I urge you to educate yourself before joining the anti-gun movement.


    And if this makes you want to start carrying to protect yourself and your family, I urge you to seek proper training in your area as well as reading the book  Gun Laws By State - Reciprocity and Gun Laws Quick Reference Guide - 2014 Edition



    I just reviews Forgotten God

    On my Christian Blog I just posted a review of Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit. Go check the review out, it's a book that's definitely worth a read if you are Christian!


    Ugh snow

    I review Crazy Love on my other blog

    On my Christian blog I Review of Crazy Love; Overwhelmed by a Relentless God if you have any interest in reading it, pop over there and check it out!

    Made a new blog

    I've made a new blog just for my Christian posts, find it at or at the top of this blog.

    INDY 1500 Gun Show, Jan 17-19

    Jan 17-19, 2014
    Indiana State Fairgrounds
    1202 E 38th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46208
    Show Attractions:  Guns - Knives - Military Arms - Sporting Arms - Door Prizes - Militaria - Gunsmithing on premises - 24-Hour Security.
    Restaurant on premises - Air Conditioned  -  Military Surplus.
    Show Admission: Single Day & 3-Day Passes Available.
    Discounted rate for children under 12.
    Dollar-Off Coupons Available at Local Gun Shops & Newspapers.
    Show Hours:
     Fridays         -     2:00 PM  to  8:00 PM
     Saturdays     -     8:00 AM  to  6:00 PM
     Sundays       -     9:00 AM  to  4:00 PM