Bah! Star Wars is everywhere!!!

So as I'm sure you are all aware, Star Wars is back with a new film (Episode VII) coming December 18th, 2015.  So of course Star Wars is on EVERYTHING. Smartphone games, jewelry, food, toys, apparel... *sigh* tone it down people, it's not even out yet and my excitement is over and now I just find the prospect of a new Star Wars film to be unpleasant at best because we have many more to come after this one which means we will see Star Wars on everything for the next decade or two. 

I will be running for President in 2020 and 2024

I'd like to officially announce my intentions to run for President of these United States both in 2020 and 2024. While I'll not turn 35 until spring of 2020 I'll use 2020 to begin to expose the country to what I will do for them, in 2024 I will ideally win the election and become the President of the United States of America. I will not care about re-election and will focus on getting things done, not securing votes for 2028. Lobbyists and other interests will not pursuade me with promises of favors or money when I'm out of office. I'll do my best to make our country great again.

An example of something that could be done right now: I heard on the wireless yesterday that we are going to take another 10,000 Syrian refugees this year… here’s a idea, a really good one. Put them all up in Detroit. Seize abandoned apartments and houses and give them 6 months free in them. Pour a few million dollars into re-opening some groceries, barbers, nail salons, fast food places etc up there. Give them all a 500$ a month stipend for 6 months. Spend 30 million on stipends and 10 million on re-opening businesses. Give the manager positions to current Detroit residents and then fill the rest of the positions with the refugee adults. 40 million spent, thousands of jobs created in Detroit and abandoned buildings populated with a healthy boost to Detroit's economy. 

My Sondors electric bike came today!

Well well well, to all you haters and trolls that have cried since February claiming we'd never see our bikes... not only did my bike come today but it was fairly easy to assemble (hour and 45 minutes but that was mostly due to swatting mozzies every few seconds and the fact that I'm quite heavy and it's 88F and 65% humidity). The bike is both exhilarating and terrifying. I took it for a quick two laps around the neighborhood finding if I put it at full throttle for a single second and then let off I'd still be going several miles an hour at each stop sign. Using the front or the rear brakes provides stopping power more than adequate for stops you know are coming up and applying both at once stops the bike more than fast enough for 99% of emergency stops. I don't know how fast I was going but it was faster than I go down my street in the car. Picked up a group of kids that were going "woooaaahhh" and pedaling as fast as they could trying to keep up with me.

sondors electric bike1

The bike claims a net weight of 62lbs and a gross weight of 76lbs however UPS had it listed as 89lbs on the tracking info. I can't honestly give you a good judge of character as I Olympic lift as well as lift random heavy things for farmer's carries and the like so the box was just an awkward size, the bike itself is quite easy for me to pick up and carry distances. Men and women that don't lift regularly (and especially smaller ones) might have issue with the box or lifting the bike above their waists but even then you could load it into a truck fairly easy I imagine by just getting one tire up first like I used to do with my mountain bike as a preten.

sondors electric bike2

I was able to lift everything straight out of the box by pinning the cardboard between the table and my leg, it definitely would have been easier to rip the box open but I wanted to use it to hold the packing material as I pulled it off the bike. The tire on the left is only attached by a zip tie.

sondors electric bike3

Not pictured is a box or two and the seat. Ignore my tangled hose, I water my garden most nights and got tired of wheeling the hose up every night.

sondors electric bike4

It looks way way better than I ever could have hoped. I'm not happy with how I have the handlebars but I was starting to get dehyrdated and my head is pounding. I took it for a quick spin and then called it quits for the evening. Tomorrow morning I'm going to ride it around town (a few square miles) till I either get bored or till the battery dies while tracking with whatever GPS app I find for my iPhone. It wasn't hard for me to pedal it at all without battery assist so if it dies on me I'll get home fast. I imagine I get bored or overheat (looking like 90F and more humidity tomorrow) before the battery runs out though but I'll fix the handlebars then. Right now the throttle bar is in the 5/7 (depending on what side you are on) o'clock position AWAY from me and the little wing/paddle things on the handlebar are in an awkward position too so I'll fidget with it tomorrow until it feels right.



I'm tired, I'm worn out. O Lord, my God! is there no help for the widow's son?

Early yesterday morning we had severe storms, a considerable amount of the neighbor's oak came down on our house.

If a tree falls in a neighborhood, does anyone hear it?
oak tree go boom


So after getting 3 hours of sleep Monday night I got up and worked a 13 hour day then came home to be screamed and cussed out by mom (I'm regularly her outlet when she has an issue with anyone or anything and then she'll deny doing as much to me and anyone else that calls her on it... SOP for her side of the family) and started attacking some of the downed oak with my camp saw that resembles a giant pocket knife cutting off a bunch of pieces that would be good for whittling. She wants me to leave the rest until the insurance adjuster comes out and they said 2-3 days. The house is a POS ( I cover it some in this post) and I bet the deductible will be higher than the cost to put up a new section of gutter so just another issue I have to deal with sigh. Trying to find friends/coworkers that have fireplaces that want to come get the larger sections for firewood as the house is in the burbs and wood fires are a strict no-no unless one has a fireplace (and we don't). Gotta get the crap up before the Barney Fife code-enforcement nazi comes and starts fining us (I bet he gives us a warning today, it's just job to drive around town all day every day finding things to cite people for, he will get us every spring for our silver maple's branches not being 7 or 8ft above the sidewalk). 

My corn is all dying as is most of the corn here in Indiana due to the considerable rain we've had the past month. My tomatoes are loving it though, I keep cutting bits of the umpteen mulberry trees that are trying to grow through the falling-down-fence and using those sections of branch as stakes for my tomatoes. Between my 6 Roma plants I have probably 50 tomatoes already and many many more buds (and the plants are still growing considerably), a handful of my other plants in another variety have started budding this week and my other varieties are still probably 3-4 weeks from buds as they got started later. I have 4 blueberry bushes going good from seed but we )well my disabled mother, it's in her name) will walk away from this POS house (that she's upside down on and needs tens of thousands of dollars of repairs) long before they start producing but a nice gift to whoever has the property next.

I'm tired of breathing black mold, I'm tired of having to put toilet tissue in the trash, I'm tired of washing dishes in buckets because the plumbing is so screwed up and having to dump those buckets outside several times a day. Tired of having to dump the air conditioner bucket multiple times a day when it's humid. All of this on top of mom's mobility tanking fast and her social security disability still not coming in. Most days I just want to give up on ever having a house that could be considered livable and an acre or ten to homestead. Most days lately I don't even want to get out of bed. God, could you just help me?! Nudge some people toward maybe? Or maybe just find another target for a bit?

I wish I could find a partner/spouse that wants to homestead.

Seriously! Is it too much to ask to find someone that wants to live on 1-10 acres (or more if we can afford it, I sure as hell can't, that's my problem!) 

that is mostly a homebody, that wants to build up 100-200sqft of raised bed gardens that we plant in every spring eating what we need fresh and putting the rest up via canning, that wants to also plant various berry bushes and trees around the perimeter of our property that we also harvest, someone that after work just wants to come home and work our little slice of land before retiring to the house for the evening and enjoying each other's company or reading or tinkering with whatever hobbies we might have? Is it too much to ask to actually be able to enjoy life? 

Seriously, I haven't enjoyed life for two decades. For those of you that don't know me well... dad died 12 days before my 13th birthday on March 11th of all days (11, 12, 13). It was cancer so we knew it was coming. Dad was my best friend and I've never found a friend that could replace the friendship we had. I took that hard and made bad choices for the rest of school before ultimately taking a GED instead of going for a few more months and graduating. I then attempted an online associates degree and that fizzled out. Now I'm 30 and counting, I make a pitiful 31k a year and have to take on more and more as mom keeps getting worse (she retired early via disability and has started having her mobility tank severely the past month on top of her other health issues). I work, I go home and try and keep the third-world hovel that we live in as functional as I can and then I just collapse on the couch. Not even TV interests me anymore, I turn it on but I mostly just mentally check out. I'm not there, I'm not anywhere. My brain just shuts down until bedtime and then I retire to my bed hoping that I'll have dreams, good or bad, just to get away from my life for a bit while I sleep.

Why can't I find someone with similar interests and desires and goals that has an income and is avaialble and actually interested in me. As it stands I can't live the life I want (a simple, honest life). My job is boring and repetitive and soul-sucking and it's more soul-sucking/soul-crushing/frustration/worry/unpleasantness at home.

I want a refund. I didn't sign up for this. Hell I can't even find a little bit of help via my Masonic Brothers at my Lodge. Our Worshipful is on vacation, a small tree fell on his fence and Brothers rushed over to trim it. I asked on the post on Facebook where he thanked them and showed photos if someone could drive the few blocks over to our house and take a few pictures of the tree in our yard/on our house in case the neighbor had it cut up/removed before I could get home from my 13 hour day and... crickets. CRICKETS. Not even a "sorry I'm busy or at work" and it had 30 something likes and multiple comments when I asked. I then asked on my Facebook feed. Crickets. CRICKETS! People come to me the SECOND they need or want something that they even remotely think I can help with, but damn I just needed someone to drive by the house and take 2-3 photos with their phone and not a single damn person could be bothered to help me. 

To use a Masonic phrase "O Lord my God is there no help for the widow's son?!" Seriously. My life has been punch after punch, blow after blow, kick to the rubs after kick to the ribs for more than half of my life now. Family isn't around when I need help, friends aren't around when I need help, Brothers aren't around when I need help. If I was on fire I imagine someone with a full bladder couldn't even be bothered to piss on me. When is life going to cut me some slack, hell I don't need some mysterious person to swoop in and give me rainbows and pegacorns and dry-aged beef and checks for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, I just need the Fates to find someone else to use as a punching bag for like 5 minutes before I have a mental fracture and go catatonic and start drooling on myself! 

Anyway. Vent/rant/whining over. Time to retreat back into my head and try and create a delusion that seems real enough to believe that's even a fraction better than reality.

I Gave a Buck: a social experiment

Yesterday I launched which is a site that is investigating what can be done with 1$, except 1$ from multiple people pooled together.

You see, a dollar isn't a lot of money but when "your powers combine, I am Captaiiiiin Plannne..." oh wait, that's a different story altogether. Most people will spend a single dollar with little hesitation you can buy - a tube of chapstick, a condom from a vending machine, if you're lucky a bottle of water or soda, one snack from a vending machine, a pack of gum, two postage stamps, Dollar Tree items, other people's trash at Goodwill etc. You can't get a lot of anything with a single dollar.But what happens when we tap into the the masses, what happens when you pass the hat around and everyone gives just a dollar?

Well my hope is for this first I Just Gave a Dollar experiment is that I can drastically accelerate my house down payment fund and have the house 'that the internet built' or at least helped buy. I plan to use the site in the future to highlight other crowd-funding campaigns/social causes etc that are of interest or importance to me trying to leverage the power of a dollar by not getting people to give large amounts but getting large amounts of people to give a single buck!

You can find more out on the site including PayPal and BItcoin donation links, an Amazon banner for those that don't want to give a dollar but are going to be doing an Amazon purchase soon and want to click the banner to kick back a little Amazon affiliate taste on their order and a GoFundMe Campaign but sadly GoFundMe has a 5$ minimum donation and SERIOUSLY I ONLY WANT A DOLLAR FROM EACH PERSON!!!!

The campaign isn't even 24 hours old and I've raised 4$ already via Bitcoin and PayPal contributions.

The Sondors eBike by Storm Sondors starts delivering to customers

So in February I mentioned the The Sondors eBike by Storm Sondors and how I had contributed. In fact I was one of the very first contributors. Well they began being delivered today... you see they manufactured them in the order of most popular color combinations... so people that paid for theirs LONG after I did, are receiving their bikes today yet I was one of the first TEN BACKERS and my bike is listed as number 1520 for production. My bike has yet to even leave China, if it's even been made yet. Gee thanks Sondors! What a slap in the face.

Here is one that was delivered to another contributor

Photo of J.R.'s bike assembled and ready to go!

Photo of J.R.'s bike assembled and ready to go!

I must admit, it looks awesome. Mine will be black frame with black rims and supposedly is being manufactured now (however once it actually goes into a cargo container it'll be a month or more than I see it)... sooo my bike won't make it here to Indiana till August at the earliest, so much for the July I had been expecting all along, having been one of the first contributors. Really really disappointed. I was also told during the campaign Mr. Sondors wanted to have a conference call with me as soon as the campaign ended to personally thank me for being such a big supporter, well that never happened either. "Storm" feel free to reach out and set that up if you want and explain to me why you shafted us first contributors... I mean hell if you would have said "yeah we are going to ship black/yellow first, would you like to choose that instead since you were one of the first backers" I would have gone "sure!".

My 'interview' with Ryan Reynolds

Recently (on May 1st) I asked Ryan Reynolds a quick question on twitter "You're suddenly homeless, what do you write on your cardboard sign to earn the most cash?" His reply:

Ryan Reynolds homeless
“GoFundMe”. But for serious, Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to end the need for those signs. Follow @Habitat_org

You sir, are winning. Not only did you play along and answer my silly question you used it to plug a worthwhile charity. P.S., I actually liked you as the Green Lantern brother! Check out Habitat for Humanity on twitter