Startups, incubators and Indianapolis

In the past few weeks I was lucky enough to get to talk to Sam Altman of Y Combinator and get a little bit of advice and even a few introductions (one of which resulted in some interviews with Coinbase for some remote work! This very fortunate exchange with Sam lit a fire under my ass and got me to thinking and applying myself like I haven't in quite a long time.

While I already have the handicap of not having a stack of college degrees, which makes me quite unattractive to most traditional employers as well as startups, I also have the problem of living in Indianapolis which doesn't have anywhere near the level of startups and opportunities as a city like San Francisco. It got me to thinking... why don't we have a good incubator or three here? Indiana certainly has a decent population to draw from, it certainly has enough wealthy folks to start and operate an incubator... why don't we have a good one here? Sure, we have some but you NEVER hear about them and you certainly never hear about companies that have come out of them. Why? Why does someone need to move to San Francisco to have a chance at getting funding, why does someone need to move to San Francisco to get jobs with startups to try and be part of creating the future instead of just a consumer?

I challenge the wealthy of Indianapolis to make a serious attempt to compete with San Francisco as a hotbed for tech startups!


Come on guys, we can do this. Bring more opportunities for workers and entrepreneurs to Indy. For the most part you need a stack of degrees in Indy to get by and even then you're mostly stuck to old-school corporate jobs that are often backward thinking and asinine when it comes to listening to employees ideas and tend to treat employees like replaceable widgets instead of creative individuals.