These are some of my friends that have web presences of their own. They are all awesome people and I rank them in no order. They all have equal status in my life and I'd bend over backwards to help any of them.

Brother Robert Patrick Lewis - Brother through Freemasonry, Soldier, Hero, Father, Author, Podcaster, Purple Heart, dude that risked his life for my freedom and a guy I'd sincerely take a bullet for. Found his way into my life during a dark time of mine and has been a positive presence ever since. He also has Far From Centered a blog and former podcast. Also check out his book Love Me When I'm Gone! and his first military-fiction book The Pact!



Mike Luoma  - Author - Artist - Radio Vet - Check out his FREE Audiobooks, Comics & Other Cool Stuff! I'd liken this guy to an Asimov, Clarke and/or Heinlein of this generation. Check out his podcast and if you want some good Science Fiction to actually read, start with his book Vatican Assassin (Vatican Assassin Trilogy Book 1).


The folks at Geek Radio Daily - have kept me entertained at work for years now via their podcast, Billy Flynn plays Words With Friends with me and listens to my crazy rants in the wee hours of the morning, the Flynstress has done some Photoshop work for me and the rest of the gang amuse me too. Go give their podcast a listen, they do a 'sweekly' (sometimes weekly) longer episode as well as daily episodes (most days) that run 10-20 minutes or so.