Google bitcoin...

Everyone throughout the day for a few weeks randomly google the following

"bitcoin it really whip's the lama's ass"
"bitcoin it's better than bad it's good"
"bitcoin is the future"
"bitcoin, I'd buy that for a dollar!"
"bitcoin did I do that?"
"Bitcoin have mercy!"
"bitcoin Howwww ruuuuudddee"
"bitcoin NOT the momma!"
"bitcoin, how you doin'?"
"bitcoin, oh my God they killed Kenny"
"bitcoin, is that your final answer?"
"bitcoin yadda yadda yadda"
"bitcoin, there can be only one"

Let's see if we can't get google to start including them in the Google suggestion box heh.

An idea for business owners, introducing bitcoin to customers

I have a small business, when I ship out orders I always include a business card with company info on the front and a QR code on the back linking to the store as well as a coupon code for anyone referred via the card (which, after sending out about 100 in orders I actually had someone finally use that special coupon code today which recovered the costs for about 900 cards... I'll call that a marketing win!) and now that I've been accepting bitcoin a week over at Genco Peptides (I have even had my first order with bitcoin exactly 1 week after accepting it) I decided to make another card to include in every order that will help raise awareness for bitcoin!


bitcoin card front.jpg


bitcoin card back.jpg

Hopefully people look at the card, find themselves curious, and go read about bitcoin... or perhaps they already have some awareness of bitcoin and this gives them a good resource to go learn more about it!

If anyone else has been doing something similar, please let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you.

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Patrick Byrne CEO of Overstock replied!

So over on reddit we have been seeing a lot of good stuff from CEO Patrick Byrne involving bitcoin... in this thread a user asked us to encourage Patrick to do an AMA. So, being the kind of guy I am. I contacted the man directly.


NOTE TO OVERSTOCK:  please don't get mad I post this. I made sure his contact info isn't present and it doesn't divulge any personal or business information. If you aren't happy about me sharing this please contact me directly and I'll, unhappilly, remove it. I read your signature disclaimer but I made a judgement call that Mr. Byrne and Overstock would both be fine with "How do I do that?" being post online as it damages no one and reveals no trade secrets.

I'm excited, I hope he an AMA soon!


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