Well the new years is going pretty good... had me a 12 hour tribe marathon today... um... saw Catch Me If You Can (it's a great flick). Hmm... I think I need to call Britt and hang out with her, we had lots of fun being nuts... plus it was funny watching people stare at me like "what the fuck" when I would be walking with her talking to her or sitting with her somewhere goofin off... heh... I also need to go get me my full time job now... 2002 is over... I start classes January 23rd... I'll have about 2 hours of class a night 4 nights a week... with that and a full time job I'll be pretty busy... but I'll also have a decent amount of cash by the time I graduate. I think, no I'm pretty sure, that I'm going to go to zendik end of May or the first of June. I don't know for how long... but for at least a month... maybe longer... maybe not... time will tell. "I can't care about anything but you" (sorry cardigans' song just finished) Hmm... Well thats all for now I guess...


-The Wolf